Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A cute headline

Tuesday's big story is about the generally worthless U.S. Senator Lamar ("I'm a lumberjack and that's OK") Alexander and his "worries" that "state's mountaintops are too tempting for builders of power farms."
The story is a localizing of the national story that environmental wackoes who have been for decades demanding alternative energy sources are suddenly changing direction and opposing the building of wind-powered generators.
Much of that is the old NIMBY syndrome: Not In My Back Yard.
Staff writer Ian Berry interviewed some people, specifically in the East Tennessee town of Oliver Springs, who love their proximity to a wind-generator farm, so there is more than one view presented.
Still, the headline does credit to the paper's usually-not-very-good editors: Tilting at windmills.


  1. You can`t win with those enviro`s; they SAY they wanted windmill farms, and now oppose them. The reality is they want a world with far fewer people living in some mythical Garden of Eden. They think they can create this by restricting energy usage, among other things.

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    There's an interesting little war brewing between Yahoo! bloggers Russell Beattie and Jeremy Zawodny, and PR trolls, led by Steve Rubel.

  3. Thank you, Tim. I'll try it.
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    If spammers are going to attack our blogs now, it is time for some kind of "war."