Friday, April 22, 2005

Dictionary gone?

In the Times Free Press classified section, category 191 is "Money to Loan."
I realize the classified sections of newspapers all across the country don't have either editors or proofreaders -- but they should. (I remember working at one paper in South Georgia where the computer guru on staff shook his head sadly one day and said of the young woman in charge of the classified ads, "She broke the spell checker.")
In proper grammar and usage, the heading should be "Money To Lend."
"Loan" is a noun.
"To Lend" is the infinitive, so the "to" should be "To."
And, to the best of my memory, that error was pointed out to the paper some 50 years ago, yet has continued to this day, 22 April 2005.
Any bets as to whether it will ever be corrected?

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