Sunday, June 06, 2010

Golden oldie reminds us

Looking back to Thursday, 6 November 2008, we can see a glaring reminder of just why so many reasonable individuals believe the Times Free Press to be a miserable excuse for a "news" paper.
In the Metro&Region section of that day the "journalists" and editorializers (so often the same people) were still basking in their accomplishment, there appeared this headline:
"Voters still relishing Obama's victory."
Bear in mind that the circulation area of this rag voted pretty overwhelmingly against Barack Obama and you will surely wonder what was going through whatever passes for a mind in the layout department.
Well, of course, some voters relished that victory, apparently including a large segment of the "news" media generally, but certainly including some pretty second-rate headline writers at the TFP.

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  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Every survey I have ever seen says that seventy percent of the so-called news media are left-wing oriented, liberals, or progressives. We can't be surprised the Time Free Press "news" people are leftists -- they are just following the trend.
    But they should be ashamed.
    Mary Jane Grass
    Signal Mountain