Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Selfishness helped health-care nationalization pass?

Why did that monstrosity of a bill pass? Here, from the front page of the Monday, 22 March, edition, is one explanation.
Identified as a "Medicare enrollee" and, worse, "UTC professor" -- which implies some level of education or knowledge (or should, anyway) -- Sonia Young cheered the passage of socialized medicine with this explanation: "My feeling is it's not the best bill possible, but it's better than nothing. I have a selfish interest in it as a senior and a mother of a cancer patient."
Now ordinarily "selfishness" is a shibboleth of the leftists: They denounce us with that epithet when we try to forestall their attempts at furthering their fascist welfare state.
Because we want to keep the fruits of our own labor, because we want to make the decisions governing our own lives, we are "selfish."
However, for years I have been trying to tell everyone that greed and envy are the bases of the support the left has among the population.
The left-collectivist politicians have a lot of success buying our votes with our own money.


  1. Oh, Michael; you couldn't have gotten it more right! Kudos for a brilliant post.

    I'm going to link it at my websites.

  2. Timmy, let me be clearer about "selfishness": I consider it a virtue, and refer you and your millions of readers to Ayn Rand's book of that name.
    But there is a rational selfishness -- for example, if you don't like or love your self, then you won't care if your self goes to Hell instead of Heaven -- and there is the selfishness that is really greed and envy, the hallmarks of Democrat Party ideology.
    The people I quoted are, obviously, guilty of the latter, and in fact don't have the foggiest notion of what rational selfishness is (or perhaps rational anything).
    My life belongs to me -- and "my life" includes my liberty and my property.
    Democrats, and the other left-collectivists, are quick to warn us proles of "selfishness," and whenever we hear that warning, we should immediately put our hands over our wallets and run for our lives.