Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Racist Stulce endorses racist Bennett

Being morally and intellectually bankrupt, today's American left is able only to resort to vicious name-calling and denunciations of any proles who dare to disagree with our betters.
In the TFP edition of Wednesday, 20 January, former would-be Democrat candidate for Congress Terry Stulce has a letter to the editor.
In it he joins the finger-pointing chorus (it's not really a mixed metaphor: a vocal chorus is a waste to people who refuse to listen, but even those intentionally deaf might see fingers).
The erstwhile candidate, despite overwhelming financial support, despite spending about 10 times as much as his opponent, despite having the support of the Times editorial and news departments, lost the primary.
Even the other Democrats, at the rank-and-file level, were uncomfortable with his near-Marxist approach. The leaders, of course, were in lock step.
His letter appeared on the one-year anniversary of the reign of the Anointed One, and the new year continues to be as ugly as the previous.
For example, Mr. Stulce, rejected even by other Democrats, writes in support of cartoonist Clay Bennett, about whom a few opposing letters have recently been published.
Mr. Stulce and Mr. Bennett, bigoted and closed-minded to the last, continue to try to foist onto the public the untruth that the Republicans and the Tea Party movement are racist.
Mr. Stulce uses the technique of equating two not-necessarily connected positions to "prove" his own basically moronic point. He says, for example, that people, including the late President Reagan, who opposed so-called affirmative action are also anti-black. Consistently, the two ignore the fact, available to any honest person, that the leading public opponent of "affirmative action" is Ward Connerly, who is (gasp!) black.
Mr. Stulce claims, without a speck of evidence, offering not any proof, there have been "racial slurs" at "Republican rallies by 'tea baggers.'
It would be easy to claim Mr. Stulce is merely a lying pile of garbage, but it is possible that he is merely crazy, or -- to be kind -- merely blind.
Glenn Beck, who is probably the only broadcaster to make the effort, has had at least two programs whereon all the participants were black conservatives and libertarians and at least one anarchist -- anarchist in this case meaning probably "anarcho-capitalist."
There have been many people including speakers at the rallies and protests and Tea Parties who were black, but of course they were ignored by the "news" media, and certainly ignored by racists such as Messrs. Stulce and Bennett.
One of the black speakers, at a rally in Pennsylvania, referred to the previous November election as one where white voters of America showed they were not racist ... and black voters showed they are.
Black columnists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, both of whom are frequently published on the Free Press page of the TFP, are vehemently on record opposing the socialist-fascist policies of the Obama administration; how can Messrs. Stulce and Bennett ignore such prominent blacks, who are published in the same raggedy paper as Mr. Bennett's cartoons and Mr. Stulce's silly letters?
Obviously -- there is no other answer -- Messrs. Bennett and Stulce are racists. They are blind to the existence of blacks, those "invisible men" (in Ralph Ellison's words), who don't bow to the elitists, such as, by pure coincidence, Messrs. Stulce and Bennett.


  1. One thing about the left; they invariably accuse others of that which they are most guilty. Judging people by groups in the hallmark of "multiculturalism" and yet they accuse others of doing that exact thing. I have no doubt that Clarence Thomas, Mike Steele, etc. would find the accusation ludicrous.

    How about "teabagger" Kenneth Gladney? Mr. Gladney was the man beaten by SEIU thugs at one of those hated KKK-esque rallies, aka a townhall meeting in St. Louis. Mr. Gladney happens to be black.

    Apparently you have to come bearing gifts to be truly race neutral. Men like Bennett and Stulce see racism if one advocates a policy that treats us all alike; we have to advocate extra goodies - usually from the public treasury - to not be racist, in their view. The last time I checked different treatment was the definition of unfairness...

    But what do we expect from Democrats who give the U.S. Senate a former KKK Kleagle, a man who is now fourth in line for the Presidency. (Robert Byrd, as Senate Pro-Tempore, is next in line behind Nancy Pelosi, who is behind Joe Biden, who is behind BHO. If Byrd were to inherit the Presidency, would he make blacks ride in the back of Air Force One?)

  2. Accusing the left of finger pointing is roughly like Hitler calling Bin Laden a terrorist. So antiquated have the terms liberal and conservative become that they are merely caricatures used by the two major political parties to galvanize the American public against each other so that they may continue business as usual.
    That Blacks are racist is not a revelation, just merely politically incorrect to point out.
    The Tea Baggers are just the latest entrant into the we're good you're bad and therefore anything you want to do is no good and everything we want to do is divine guidance from the ALMIGHTY!!
    The American political process is hopelessly broken and nothing short of a full scale revolution by the American voter will change it. And that will only work if the American military is willing to stand down and allow the process to take it's course.
    The Two Party Corporate entity called the American Government must be dissolved. The Republican and Democratic Parties should be dissolved and never allowed again to participate in the American political landscape.
    Further, Corporations should never again be allowed to use one dollar to influence the political process. The monoliths that have become the banking and food industries should be declared Antitrust Violators and ordered to be dissolved.
    Only if American individuals alone are again allowed to control the political process will government be viable.

  3. Seems to me that the left really has no answers to the conservative/libertarian/tea party rhetoric. They do not know any economics whatsoever. So, the only way they can retort is to yell racist.

    Of course, if they knew their economics they wouldn't be on the left in the first place.

  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    By personally attacking an editorial cartoonist (and one of the most upright and unbigoted men I have ever met) and a journalist, you're only lowering yourself to the level you accuse them of stooping to. They are editorial journalists, meaning their entire job is to express THEIR OPINION through either art or words. I am a die-hard conservative, but if I was to attack your politics by making personal cuts, you would likely jump down my throat. Honestly, who don't you just criticize his scraggly beard or bad eyesight? You've already hit below the belt!
    Once you can part with your overly-wordy, english-class-style writing and personal grudges against two VERY accomplished journalists, THEN maybe someone will take you seriously.

  5. This anonymous comment is being published despite its anonymity for several reasons, including that it's really odd.
    I have never attacked anyone personally -- at least not in this blog -- and, well, I never knew Clay Bennett had a scraggly beard or bad eyesight. (My own beard has been recently trimmed and my eyesight is deteriorating, and even if I were as petty as you wrongly imply, it would certainly be a case of the kettle ...)
    What I attack is his work, his dishonesty or his stupidity.
    I'm not sure which "journalist" I've supposedly attacked, but a "journalist" is not supposed to opinionize, certainly not in news pages. So you're wrong there, too.
    Now I've never met Clay Bennett but two other correspondents, one of whom I admire tremendously, have tried to defend him.
    However, it's not Mr. Bennett who needs defending, but his vicious and either dishonest or stupid work.
    And for that, there is no defense.
    According to leftist mythology, not too many years ago the stereotypical rightist called anyone with whom he disagreed a "communist."
    Mr. Bennett is doing something similar, calling "racist" people of whom he apparently knows nothing but, worse, of whom he seems to want to know nothing.
    As with his ally in Memphis, Steve Cohen, "racist" and "Ku Kluxer" are handy epithets to sling around.
    Mr. Cohen has a Republican opponent, endorsed by the Tea Party movement, who is both female and black. Her name is Charlotte Bergmann. Her Web site is
    Finally, you attack me and my "overly-wordy, english-class-style writing" so I will call attention to your TFP-quality writing and recommend you get a copy of Strunk's "Elements of Style" and maybe a Harbrace handbook.
    Finally, show me any place I demonstrate "personal grudges," and I will publicly apologize.
    But I bet you, anonymous and wrong, won't have the courage to apologize to me.

  6. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I will apologize for my actual errors seeing as how I'm an engineer in the navy, not a writer like yourself. But, what I refuse to apologize for is my accusation of you personally attacking Bennett. If you reread your last paragraph, and can't see any attacks, you must be blind. To someone who knows personally that Clay is one of the most anti-prejudice and unbigoted men I've ever met, that looks like an attack. Yes, our CIC is black, so Clay draws him as a black man. That's the closest he's ever come to being a racist. Honestly sir, if you falsely accused me of being a racist, when all my friends and family know that I do everything possible to eliminate any racism or bigotry in my life and workplace, you'd get a good old fashioned military ass-chewing. And in mine and Clay's eyes alike, that is an attack.
    Oh, by the way.. I'm remaining anonomous to save my family from any further personal attacks, thank you. I have the iron and resolve of a true american sailor, so please, don't challenge my courage.