Sunday, December 06, 2009

Afghan government corrupt? What about ours?

Surely no rational and honest person doubts corruption exists in governments around the world, especially such governments as Afghanistan. Well, I mean, since the United States "news" media and members of the United States government pretty generally proclaim it as fact, it must be true.
It's obvious why those members of the U.S. government would not want to talk about it, but why are the members of the "news" media so reluctant to point out that the U.S. government is also corrupt?
One reason there is so much corruption is illustrated by the weekly column of the TFP publisher, Tom Griscom, on 6 December.
While bragging about the splendid "news" coverage of the ongoing party primary campaigns and the upcoming primary and general elections, he makes this statement:
"In less than a year, a Republican and a Democrat will face off."
Yes, that is true, but it is only partly true: There will be others seeking those various contested governmental offices.
Since, though, the "news" media bothers to mention only the vested interests of the two old parties, the people, the voters, the citizens, the taxpayers who must foot the bills the victorious politicians run up will, as usual, be cheated of the needed knowledge and information to make proper choices.
That is, since the "news" media make mention only of the two old parties, it will always be a member of the two old parties who takes office.
And that, gentle reader, is exactly why government in the United States, and perhaps especially in Tennessee, is just as corrupt as government in almost any other place in the world, except with less murder (so far).
The corrupt and dishonest "news" media, coupled with corrupt and incompetent government schools, work together to keep us as uninformed as possible; as a result, frequently only the worst even attempt to get elected; and that means the very worst are the usual winners.


  1. That's why Jefferson didn't like newspapers; and why I don't read newspapers.

    There's no Republican Party; there's no Democrat Party. They should be labeled the Purple Party. Mix equal parts of Red with Blue and you get Purple...the Republicrat Party; that's the choice the MSM gives us. It's the two-headed beast that most of us want nothing to do with; but sheeple keep voting for one of the heads on that beast, time and time again.

    If or when people finally realize that the MSM will only promote (by massive exposure) the selected one(s) pre-annointed and ordained by their handlers, for their agendas...will we have a chance to be truly represented by real people, not unlike ourselves.

  2. Who was it who asked, "Why do we have 50 choices for Miss America but only two choices for president?"
    As you know, and the "news" media know but won't admit, there are usually quite a few more than two seeking the presidency.
    And you are so right: Until, or unless, the voters start choosing other than the Republicrats, we will never have a sound or honest government.