Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doonesbury joins fray

Garry Trudeau, originator and probably still sometime writer of the "Doonesbury" cartoon strip, has jumped in to the fray with both feet in his mouth.
His strip of Sunday, 27 September, makes the claim that Hitler was the greatest evil in history.
As Al Smith might have said, let's look at the record: Most people believe Hitler killed six million people.
Actually, six million is the generally accepted figure for the number of Jews murdered.
There were at least twice that, counting other religious or ethnic victims.
Yet Stalin and Khrushchev murdered more than that just in (what was then known as the) Ukraine. I believe it was Harrison Salisbury who said the total number of Stalin victims was about 85 million.
Mao and the Chinese Communists murdered between 50 and 100 million!
Why, why, why do the American leftists seem never to admit there is evil on the left?


  1. Jo McIntyre6:06 PM

    Doonebury - Garry Trudeau - just redeemed himself with his latest series on the Polanski mess. Aside from the outraged Right wing folks, I haven't seen any stronger condemnation, yet he was his usual subtle self. Also, his entire wounded war vet series has been the most emotional, understanding and gentle treatment I have ever seen.

  2. You are right, Jo, in both comments.
    It is nearly always a mistake to condemn a person out of hand: Even if one is nearly always wrong, it doesn't preclude the chance to be right once in a while.
    In fact, Trudeau is often right. Some of his comments during the 1988 presidential primary still stand out.