Monday, August 10, 2009

Paper publishes, encourages hate, dishonesty

Times cartoonist Clay Bennett is either dishonest or unintelligent ... or, to be fair, I guess he could be both.
Obviously he wouldn't have been hired for his position if he weren't a flaming leftie, but even for this excuse of a paper and even for this astonishingly stupid editorial page, Bennett is something of an extremist.
His Sunday, 9 August, cartoon, straight out of the talking points directive from the Democrat National Committee, shows the back of some speaker at a town hall meeting looking at an audience where all the signs say, for example, "Obamacare equals communism" and "Health care reform promotes euthanasia."
The caption reads, "Unfortunately, the town hall meeting was taken over by the village idiots."
One of the major problems with such leftists as Bennett is the unwillingness to grant either intelligence or knowledge or sincerity to their opponents; one of the other problems with such leftists as Bennett is their eagerness to set up straw men, who are, of course, much easier to knock down than the real opponents.
And it is much easier to knock down straw men than to deal with the issues, such as the obscene costs such government intrusion will have, or the total lack of any constitutional authority, or, most of all, the total immorality of such intrusion.
When such hatemongers as Clay Bennett are given access to such a podium, is it any wonder those who oppose further federal interference get angry?
Is such distortion by such hatemongers as Bennett going to help or just further such anger?


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    You really nailed him, Michael; great job!

    Tim Birdnow

  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    You goddamned right-wing asshole son-of-a-bitch, I am more intelligent and more honest than you, you Fox-watching robot bastard.

  3. Ordinarily I don't publish obscene comments; ordinarily I don't publish anonymous comments.
    This one, though, seems to say a lot.
    And many thanks to Tim, one of the world's good guys.