Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Someone got it right!

To the best of my knowledge, all the Free Press editorials are written by Lee Anderson.
In the edition of Tuesday, 16 August, is an editorial titled "It's what you do with free choice."
It mentions a propaganda movie of 2004, "Super Size Me," the creator of which ate only at McDonald's for some period, ingested some 5,000 calories per day, and gained weight.
Of course, at 5,000 calories per day, the man could have gained weight at a salad bar, but McDonald's-bashing is more popular and no doubt helped him get considered for some kind of award.
Two women, one in North Carolina and one in New Hampshire, also went on McDonald's-only diets, limiting themselves to 1,400 and 2,000 calories per day and lost 37 and 36 pounds respectively.
The editorial says, "Both women made a point that bears repeating: Choosing to eat healthfully is a matter of personal responsibility. Restaurants do not force us to eat junk food."
(In my case, the service at all the McDonald's restaurants I've tried, with the exception of one in Needles, California, has been so lousy I haven't eaten the food in years. In effect, McDonald's has forced me NOT to dine there. But that's a personal choice, too.)
In the last paragraph, the editorial says, "But consumers can make healthful food choices at restaurants and the grocery store, and enjoy the benefits of doing so. ..."
Double bravo to the writer, likely Mr. Anderson. It might be the first time the correct words, "healthfully" and "healthful," have been used in that paper in a long time, and of course philosophically he's right, too, about self-responsibility.

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  1. Great post Michael.

    Stuffing 5,000 calories down his yap each day and the man gained weight, that’s astonishing! It makes one wonder if 5,000 calories a day from my local health food co-op would produce the same result? Do you suppose there could be a movie deal in for this one? No?

    I have another movie idea; I’ll play the lottery every day until I go bankrupt. If I don’t win big, I will publicly blame the lottery and my state for allowing it for the troubles I am having, all while making a movie. All I have to do now is get the news media to buy this idiotic concept and help promote it with sensationalized coverage, and I’ll be rich! Perhaps even win an award...

    Your dead right about matters of personal responsibility. Stupid choices lead to unhappy results every time. We have only ourselves to blame for our follies, regardless of the justifications we attempt to employ to fix the blame elsewhere.